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Some men like blue eyed escorts, others prefer dark eyed, someone is fond of an escort with a large bust, others with small, someone appreciates beautiful, charming appearance, model look, others adore excellent quiet character and intelligence in the female escort, and, of course, some males prefer blondes and others brunettes. The hair color seams to be a very important factor for men in choosing women. Even Martin Luther said: “Hair is the richest ornament of women”. Escorts magazine decided to find out the reasons of men preferences.

Scientists (and our escort mag, agree as well) have found some facts why men may possibly prefer blonde escorts:

1.      Men believe they are dealing with someone less intelligent.

2.     These ladies are really rare, special, and unique. Statistics shows that blonde escorts, just like other brunet women, especially with blue eyes will disappear in the near future. Today, up to a third of women from Great Britain may look blonde, but only about 3% are naturally so. Men don't want to loose their chances to get acquainted with them. 

3.     Blondes are mysterious and men are always interesting in something unknown.

4.     They are charming, magnificent and polite, courteous. They are glamorous, sweet and sexy. Males prefer such a luxurious mixture.

5.     Blonde escorts seem to be in popular demand because of the carefree, sexy attitude associated with blonde-haired people.  

Nowadays there are lots of “blonde jokes”. For example:

      -        A: Why there are so many blonde jokes?

      -        B: Because brunettes have nothing better to do on Saturday night.

But really most of them are not so polite. Example:

-A: Why did the blonde climb over the glass wall?

-B: To see what was on the other side.

Escort magazine found out that the image of a “foolish” blonde came to prominence in the 1925 (Anita Loo's novel “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”). Film stars including Marilyn Monroe, Suzanne Somers and Goldie Hawn further popularised the stereotype of “stupid blonde”. On the other hand, an elegant blonde lady Marilyn Monroe with charming voice became sex symbol all over the world for a way longer than her life lasted.

Escort mag found some facts why men prefer brunette escorts:

1.      Dark hair escorts are luxurious and sensual. They have lovely personalities and a great sense of humour. These women know a lot of  “stupid blonde jokes”

2.     Men are used to think that brunettes are resourceful and independent.

3.     A brunette woman won “World Beauty Competition 2007”.

4.     Plenty men believe that their attractiveness consists not only of their appearance, but also of the internal world. Brunette's private world radiates calmness, pleasure, tenderness and pacification, internal and external beauties are bound with each other in close interrelation.

5.     Popular opinion that dark hair woman shows to the man true love and fidelity, she gives herself completely to the man. 

So many things are spoken about blondes and brunettes, it seems that there is a huge war between them. But in real everyday life they live very peaceful together, make fun of the same jokes, read the same books, magazines, watch the same TV programmes, get acquainted with the same guys. Never mind what type of lady you prefer: blonde, brunette or redhead, you need to remember that “a fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one” (Lycurgus). Make a right choice. 

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